Sybill for Marketing Insights: Testimonials from customers

Learn about how Sybill customers boost their sales and marketing outcomes with superior messaging.

Sybill for Marketing Insights: Testimonials from customers
Become smarter about your message-market fit with Sybill's Marketing Insights. Learn about how our customers have used Sybill to boost their sales outcomes with superior messaging. 

Sybill has been instrumental in helping our customers identify the right messaging for their buyer personas and boosting their conversion rates and overall engagement on sales calls.

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Traditional metrics on messaging focus on the success of ad campaigns, web copy, and SEO. While these provide some indications for top of the funnel, they provide very little insight into the performance of mid-and bottom-funnel content that is actually used in sales conversations. This includes:

  • sales decks
  • product messaging
  • competitive differentiation messaging
  • customer stories used in calls

and a lot more.

Sybill's marketing insights provide holistic metrics on sales-enablement and product-marketing content for the first time. These insights are useful not just to help you identify the weakest parts of your slide deck or the most resonant product messaging, but also provide signal on the pain points that your prospects are actively talking about and should be a part of your overall content strategy.

Here's how some of our early customers have used our marketing insights to get substantial business outcomes.

Terry Wilson, CEO at Chatmetrics

Boosted his sales performance and cold outreach conversion rates with Sybill's insights on messaging

Terry has been using Sybill for the last 4 months. This is what he had to say about how it's been useful in boosting his cold email to meeting booking rate to 3%:

Terry Wilson talks about how Sybill helped him get insights on what messaging resonates with each buyer persona, leading to higher success in outreach efforts. 

"Sybill’s insights have helped us realize that if something is working with one prospect, then we should be building that type of messaging into that persona in our marketing. So, with the help of Sybill, we've built our messaging to an extent that we're booking a meeting with about one in 36 people that we reach out to on cold emails. That’s just ridiculous!"

Marc Degenkolb, COO at Synthesized

Figured out why their message wasn't coming through in sales calls, cut down on his sales deck and improved conversion rates through the funnel

Marc Degenkolb, COO of Synthesized, and ex-CRO of Molecula, is one of Sybill's long-time customers.

He used Sybill's insights on the slides that resonated with their buyer personas and the ones that zoned them out to significantly reduce the length of the slide deck that their team presented to prospects and increase prospect engagement in their presentations and demos.

He was so impressed by Sybill's technology and its effect on improving sales outcomes that he became an advisor to the company soon after.

Marc Degenkolb talks about how Sybill has helped him reduce the time it takes for a prospect to understand their offering on a sales call. 

The power of quantifying buyer behaviors on video calls is immense, and we are just starting to see what's possible.

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